Embryo vs Seedlin - What's the difference?

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Alternative forms

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  • In the reproductive cycle, the stage after the fertilization of the egg that precedes the development into a fetus.
  • An organism in the earlier stages of development before it emerges from the egg, or before metamorphosis.
  • In viviparous animals, the young animal's earliest stages in the mother's body
  • In humans, usually the cell growth up to the end of the seventh week in the mother's body
  • (botany) A rudimentary plant contained in the seed.
  • The beginning; the first stage of anything.
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • The company little suspected what a noble work I had then in embryo .
  • * 1749 , Henry Fielding, Tom Jones , Folio Society 1973, page 419:
  • it dives into the heart of the observed, and there espies evil, as it were, in the first embryo [...]

    Derived terms

    * embryology * embryonic


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    Not English

    Seedlin has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

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