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In surname terms the difference between sabin and sabir

is that sabin is while sabir is .

As proper nouns the difference between sabin and sabir

is that sabin is while sabir is (historical) an italian-based pidgin language used as the lingua franca of mediterranean trade from roughly the 11th to the 19th centuries[http://wwwitalicaraiit/principali/lingua/bruni/lezioni/f_lll5htm lingua franca del mediterraneo'' or ''sabir (in italian), article of francesco bruni]https://pantherfileuwmedu/corre/www/franca/edition3/lingua5html or sabir can be the (probably turkic) language spoken by these people or sabir can be or sabir can be or sabir can be any of several places in azerbaijan with names spelled (in the azerbaijani alphabet) sabir or.

As a noun sabir is

a member of a (possibly turkic) people or tribe who lived around the caspian before the arrival of the avars.

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(en noun)
  • (acoustics) A unit of measurement that measures a material's absorbance of sound. A material that is 1 square meter in size that can absorb 100% of sound has a value of one metric sabin.
  • *2012 , (Rupert Christiansen), ‘Quiet, Please’, Literary Review , Sep 2012:
  • *:Sabine gave his name to the sabin , the standard unit that is ‘equal to the sound absorption of a square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface such as an open window’.
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    (en noun)
  • a lingua franca
  • * 1985 , Anthony Burgess, Kingdom of the Wicked :
  • My Greek is not the tongue of Homer or Aeschylus but a sloppy ungrammatical sabir lacking Attic salt and tending to a saccharinity which sets my teeth on edge.