Obedient vs Obedt - What's the difference?

obedient | obedt | abbreviation |

Obedient is an abbreviation of obedt.

As an adjective obedient

is willing]] to [[comply#verb|comply with the (l), orders, or (l) of those in authority.

As an abbreviation obedt is

(archaic) obedient (in letter-closing formulas such as "your obedient servant").

Knight vs Kt - What's the difference?

knight | kt | abbreviation |

Knight is an abbreviation of kt.

As a proper noun knight

is an english status surname for someone who was a mounted soldier.

As an abbreviation kt is

(chess) knight.

Gardens vs Gdns - What's the difference?

gardens | gdns | abbreviation |

Gardens is an abbreviation of gdns.

As a noun gardens

is .

As an abbreviation gdns is

(uk|in street addresses) gardens.

Prefix vs Pfx - What's the difference?

prefix | pfx | abbreviation |

Prefix is an abbreviation of pfx.

As an adjective prefix

is preset, predetermined.

As an abbreviation pfx is


Ok vs Ruok - What's the difference?

ok | ruok | abbreviation |

Ok is an abbreviation of ruok.

As an interjection ok

is .

You vs Ruok - What's the difference?

you | ruok | abbreviation |

You is an abbreviation of ruok.

Are vs Ruok - What's the difference?

are | ruok | abbreviation |

Are is an abbreviation of ruok.

As a symbol are

is the iso 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for the united arab emirates.

Speak vs Spk - What's the difference?

speak | spk | abbreviation |

Speak is an abbreviation of spk.

As a verb speak

is to communicate with one's voice, to say words out loud.

As a noun speak

is language, jargon, or terminology used uniquely in a particular environment or group or speak can be (dated) a low class bar, a speakeasy.

As an abbreviation spk is

(text messaging) speak.

System vs Sys - What's the difference?

system | sys | abbreviation |

System is an abbreviation of sys.

As a noun system

is system.

As an abbreviation sys is


Easy vs Ez - What's the difference?

easy | ez | abbreviation |

Easy is an abbreviation of ez.

As an adjective easy

is comfortable; at ease.

As an adverb easy

is in a relaxed or casual manner.

As a noun easy

is something that is easy.

As a verb easy

is to easy-oar (stop rowing).

As an abbreviation ez is

(us|informal|mostly in names of products and services) easy.