Tetrahydrocannabivarin vs Thcv - What's the difference?

tetrahydrocannabivarin | thcv | abbreviation |

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is an abbreviation of thcv.

As a noun tetrahydrocannabivarin

is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis sativa ; an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol with the sidechain shortened by two ch2.

As an abbreviation thcv is


Dialkyldithiophosphate vs Zddp - What's the difference?

dialkyldithiophosphate | zddp | abbreviation |

Dialkyldithiophosphate is an abbreviation of zddp.

As an abbreviation zddp is

(chemistry) zinc dialkyldithiophosphate.

Zinc vs Zddp - What's the difference?

zinc | zddp | abbreviation |

Zinc is an abbreviation of zddp.

As a noun zinc

is a chemical element (symbol zn) with an atomic number of 30.

As a verb zinc

is (rare) to electroplate with zinc.

As an abbreviation zddp is

(chemistry) zinc dialkyldithiophosphate.

Bitmap vs Bmp - What's the difference?

bitmap | bmp | abbreviation |

Bitmap is an abbreviation of bmp.

In computing|lang=en terms the difference between bitmap and bmp

is that bitmap is (computing) a series of bits that represents a rasterized graphic image, each pixel being represented as a group of bits while bmp is (computing) file extension used by a bitmap image file.

As a noun bitmap

is (computing) a series of bits that represents a rasterized graphic image, each pixel being represented as a group of bits.

As an abbreviation bmp is


Pointer vs Ptr - What's the difference?

pointer | ptr | abbreviation |

Pointer is an abbreviation of ptr.

In programming|lang=en terms the difference between pointer and ptr

is that pointer is (programming) a variable that holds the address of a memory location where a value can be stored while ptr is (programming) pointer.

As a noun pointer

is anything that points or is used for pointing.

As an abbreviation ptr is

(programming) pointer.

Microarcsecond vs Microarcsec - What's the difference?

microarcsecond | microarcsec | abbreviation |

Microarcsecond is an abbreviation of microarcsec.

As a noun microarcsecond

is a unit of angle; one millionth (10-6) of an arcsecond.

As an abbreviation microarcsec is


Interjection vs Intj - What's the difference?

interjection | intj | abbreviation |

Interjection is an abbreviation of intj.

As a noun interjection

is (grammar) an exclamation or filled pause; a word or phrase with no particular grammatical relation to a sentence, often an expression of emotion.

As an initialism intj is

(psychology) introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging: a personality type in the myers-briggs type indicator.

Determiner vs Det - What's the difference?

determiner | det | abbreviation |

Determiner is an abbreviation of det.

As verbs the difference between determiner and det

is that determiner is to determine, establish while det is .

As a noun det is


Unfortunately vs Unforch - What's the difference?

unfortunately | unforch | abbreviation |

Unfortunately is an abbreviation of unforch.

As an adverb unfortunately

is happening through bad luck, or because of some unfortunate event.

As an abbreviation unforch is

(slang) unfortunately.

Blanking vs Hblank - What's the difference?

blanking | hblank | abbreviation |

Blanking is an abbreviation of hblank.

As a verb blanking

is .

As a noun blanking

is an instance of something being blanked out.

As an abbreviation hblank is

(television|computing) horizontal blanking.