Sulfide vs Zarnec - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between sulfide and zarnec

is that sulfide is while zarnec is (mineralogy|obsolete) a native sulfide of arsenic, including sandarac and orpiment.


Alternative forms

* sulphide (UK )


(en noun)
  • (chemistry) Any compound of sulfur and a metal or other electropositive element or group.
  • Derived terms

    * antimony sulfide, antimony sulphide * aluminum sulfide, aluminium sulphide * arsenio-sulfide, arsenio-sulphide * arseno-sulfide, arseno-sulphide * barium sulfide, barium sulphide * bisulfide, bisulphide * cadmic sulfide, cadmic sulphide * cadmium sulfide, cadmium sulphide * calcium sulfide, calcium sulphide * carbon sulfide, carbon sulphide * carbonyl sulfide, carbonyl sulphide * copper sulfide, copper sulphide * cupric sulfide, cupric sulphide * cuprous sulfide, cuprous sulphide * disulfide, disulphide * ferric sulfide, ferric sulphide * ferrous sulfide, ferrous sulphide * heptasulfide, heptasulphide * hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulphide * hydrosulfide, hydrosulphide * iodosulfide, iodosulphide * iron sulfide, iron sulphide * lead sulfide, lead sulphide * lithium sulfide, lithium sulphide * magnesium sulfide, magnesium sulphide * mercuric sulfide, mercuric sulphide * mercurous sulfide, mercurous sulphide * mercury sulfide, mercury sulphide * molybdenum sulfide, molybdenum sulphide * nickel sulfide, nickel sulphide * oxysulfide, oxysulphide * pentasulfide, pentasulphide * plumbous sulfide, plumbous sulphide * polysulfide, polysulphide * selenium sulfide, selenium sulphide * sesquisulfide, sesquisulphide * silver sulfide, silver sulphide * sodium sulfide, sodium sulphide * stannic sulfide, stannic sulphide * sulfidation, sulphidation * sulfide of antimony, sulphide of antimony * sulfide of arsenic, sulphide of arsenic * sulfide of carbon, sulphide of carbon * sulfide of hydrogen, sulphide of hydrogen * sulfidic, sulphidic * sulfiding, sulphiding * tellurium sulfide, tellurium sulphide * thallium sulfide, thallium sulphide * thiosulfide, thiosulphide * tungsten sulfide, tungsten sulphide * vanadium sulfide, vanadium sulphide * vanadous sulfide, vanadous sulphide * zinc sulfide, zinc sulphide

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    * mercaptan ----




  • (mineralogy, obsolete) A native sulfide of arsenic, including sandarac and orpiment.
  • Alternative forms

    * zarnich