Yuh vs Yus - What's the difference?

yuh | yus |

As a pronoun yuh

is (chiefly|jamaica) you.

As an adverb yus is


As a letter yus is




Alternative forms

* ya also nonstandard


  • (chiefly, Jamaica) you
  • yus


    Etymology 1

    Dialectal form of yes .


  • (lb) .
  • * 1892 , from Punch, or The London Charivari :
  • Yus , to live in dirt, I feel is a `orrid degradation; but one thing I'd like to know, is it wus than living ''on'' it?
  • * 1922 , Edward J. O'Brien and John Cournos, compilers and editors, The Best British Short Stories of 1922 :
  • Wych Street? Yus , of course I knoo Wych Street. Used to go there with some of the boys -- when I was Covent Garden way.

    Etymology 2

    (wikipedia yus) (etyl)

    Alternative forms

    * jus