What is the difference between yuletide and christmas?

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Yuletide is a see also of christmas.




(en noun)
  • Christmas or the Christmas season.
  • A common name for the flower native to Japan and nearby islands.
  • Synonyms

    * (Christmas season) Christmastide * (Camellia sasanqua) sasanqua


    Alternative forms

    * Xmas, X-mas

    Proper noun

  • A widely celebrated festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, incorporating various Christian, pre-Christian and secular customs.
  • Do you celebrate Christmas ?
  • A personification of Christmas.
  • Coordinate terms



  • Christmas Day, the day it is celebrated, 25 December, an English quarter day.
  • This Christmas we'll open presents then go to grandma's for dinner.
  • Christmastide, the Twelve Days of Christmas, the season (traditionally from the 24th of December to the 6th of January) around the holiday.
  • (US, retailing) The period from the Friday following Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, busy with shopping and preparations for Christmas.
  • The last three Christmases have been good for retailers.
  • (marketing, retailing) Christmas season, the end of the year period, busy with shopping and preparations for Christmas.
  • The Christmas shoppers spent less this December, than last year, but our store will probably see just as many returned items during the twelve days of Christmas.


    * Yule * Noel * Chrissy * Chrimble (Crimble), Crimbo (Chrimbo)

    Derived terms

    * Christmas box * Christmas cake * Christmas card * Christmas carol * Christmas club * Christmas cracker * Christmas creep * Christmas Day * Christmas Eve * Christmas Island * Christmas present * Christmas pudding * Christmassy * Christmas star * Christmas stocking * Christmastide * Christmas time * Christmas tree * Father Christmas * Merry Christmas * like turkeys voting for Christmas * Shitmas * Twelve Days of Christmas * white Christmas * X-mas/Xmas * Christmas is coming


    * geresma

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