Yern vs Yerk - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between yern and yerk

is that yern is while yerk is (archaic) to stab.

As a noun yerk is

(archaic) a sudden or quick thrust or motion; a jerk.

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(en verb)
  • (archaic) to stab.
  • *circa 1603, :
  • I lack iniquity / Sometimes to do me service: nine or ten times / I had thought to have yerk’d him here, under the ribs.
  • To throw or thrust with a sudden, smart movement; to kick or strike suddenly; to jerk.
  • * Drayton
  • They flirt, they yerk , they backward fling.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Their wounded steeds / Yerk out their armed heels at their dead masters.
  • (obsolete, Scotland) To strike or lash with a whip.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • (archaic) A sudden or quick thrust or motion; a jerk.