Yarr vs Yarn - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between yarr and yarn

is that yarr is (archaic) to growl or snarl like a dog while yarn is to tell a story.

As a noun yarn is

(uncountable) a twisted strand of fiber used for knitting or weaving.

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(en verb)
  • (archaic) To growl or snarl like a dog.
  • * 1921 , Chamber's Journal
  • She yapped and yarred and ran in foolish circles, as though quarrelling with her own tail.
  • * Fran├žois Rabelais (in translation), Gargantua and Pantagruel
  • And when he saw that all the dogs were flocking about her, yarring at the retardment of their access to her, and every way keeping such a coil with her as they are wont to do about a proud or salt bitch, he forthwith departed




  • (uncountable) A twisted strand of fiber used for knitting or weaving.
  • (nautical) Bundles of fibers twisted together, and which in turn are twisted in bundles to form strands, which in their turn are twisted or plaited to form rope.
  • (countable) A story, a tale, especially one that is incredible.
  • * , chapter=4
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients , passage=I told him about everything I could think of; and what I couldn't think of he did. He asked about six questions during my yarn , but every question had a point to it. At the end he bowed and thanked me once more. As a thanker he was main-truck high; I never see anybody so polite.}}


    * (story or tale) story, tale

    Derived terms

    * yarn-beam * yarn-spinner * yarnwindle

    See also

    * hank * twine


    (en verb)
  • to tell a story
  • Derived terms

    * yarner


    * *