Ya vs Yuh - What's the difference?

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Ya is an alternative form of yuh.

As pronouns the difference between ya and yuh

is that ya is while yuh is (chiefly|jamaica) you.

As an interjection ya

is (informal) yeah, yes or ya can be (informal) go (spoken to horses and cattle).

As an adverb ya

is yea; yes.

As a noun ya

is a letter of the cyrillic alphabet.



Etymology 1

Reduced form of you. Compare Dutch je, reduced/unstressed form of .


(English Pronouns)
  • Yo homes, smell ya later!
    Usage notes
    Only used in unstressed contexts.
    Derived terms
    * -cha * chewie on ya boot * -ja * love ya * see ya * smell ya later * there ya go * whaddaya

    See also

    * yer

    Etymology 2

    Apparently from (etyl) ja and cognates in other Germanic languages; related to English yeah.


    (en interjection)
  • (informal) Yeah, yes.
  • Etymology 3

    Variation of hyah.


  • (informal) Go. (Spoken to horses and cattle.)
  • Etymology 4

    From (etyl) ya, from (etyl) . More at yea.

    Alternative forms

    * yaa, yaw, yah, yha


  • yea; yes
  • * 1806 , Jamieson, Pop. Ballads :
  • 'Ya , wilt thou!' said Wallace, 'then tak thee that, [...]'
  • * 1894 , W. G. Stevenson, Puddin' iii. :
  • Ya , auld man, ye ken fine ye wad like me.
  • * 1896 , Ackworth, Clog Shop Chron. :
  • Ya , bur 'ee did, [...]

    Etymology 5

    From (etyl) .


    (en noun)
  • A letter of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Anagrams

    * ----



    Alternative forms

    * ya also nonstandard


  • (chiefly, Jamaica) you