Flawed vs Wrong - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between flawed and wrong

is that flawed is having a flaw while wrong is incorrect or untrue.

As an adverb wrong is

(informal) in a way that isn't right; done incorrectly; wrongly.

As a noun wrong is

something that is immoral or not good.

As a verb wrong is

to treat unjustly; to injure or harm.




(en adjective)
  • Having a flaw
  • Flawed diamonds are generally not used in jewellery.
    His design for a perpetual motion machine is flawed because water does not flow uphill.


    * perfect




  • Incorrect or untrue.
  • Some of your answers were correct, and some were wrong .
  • * 1592 , (William Shakespeare), Richard III , Act II, Scene I:
  • Among this princely heap, if any here / By false intelligence or wrong surmise / Hold me a foe
  • Asserting something incorrect or untrue.
  • You're wrong : he's not Superman at all.
  • Immoral, not good, bad.
  • It is wrong to lie.
  • Improper; unfit; unsuitable.
  • A bikini is the wrong thing to wear on a cold day.
  • Not working; out of order.
  • Something is wrong with my cellphone .
    Don't cry, honey. Tell me what's wrong .
  • Designed to be worn or placed inward; as, the wrong side of a garment or of a piece of cloth.
  • (obsolete) Twisted; wry.
  • a wrong nose

    Usage notes

    * The single-word comparative and superlative forms wronger and wrongest are no longer in common use, except humorously; rather, the locutions “more wrong” and “most wrong” are preferred. * When wrong is used attributively, before a noun, the noun is usually treated as definite, using the article the; hence, for example, one says, “I dialed the wrong number”, “he gave the wrong answer”, and “she took the wrong approach”, even though there are many possible wrong numbers, answers, and approaches, of which only one was dialed, given, or taken.


    * injurious * unjust * faulty * detrimental * unfit * unsuitable *

    Derived terms

    * wrength * wrongly * wrongful


    * right


    * 2007 January 3, Ken Miller, “The Collapse of Intelligent Design: Will the next Monkey Trial be in Ohio?”, Case Western University, Strosacker Auditorium *: that statement is wrong. Now that's not an incidental statement, that is the heart and soul of the Intelligent Design argument, and in this case it turns out to be wrong. Now it's even wronger than that [laughter ] because it turns out that not only do these proteins make up the Type-III Secretory Apparatus but almost every protein in the bacerial flagellum is strongly homologous to proteins that have other functions elsewhere in the cell.


    (en adverb)
  • (informal) In a way that isn't right; done incorrectly; wrongly.
  • I spelled several names wrong in my address book.


    (wikipedia wrong) (en noun)
  • Something that is immoral or not good.
  • Injustice is a heinous wrong .
  • An instance of wronging someone (sometimes with possessive to indicate the wrongdoer).
  • * (rfdate) John Dowland:
  • Can she excuse my wrongs with Virtue's cloak? Shall I call her good when she proves unkind?
  • The incorrect or unjust position or opinion.
  • * 1592', , ''Henry VI'', Part III, Act IV, Scene I, line 101. — I blame not her: she could say little less; She had the ' wrong .
  • The opposite of right; the concept of badness.
  • * 1607', , ''Timon of Athens'', Act IV, Scene III, line 28. — Thus much of this will make Black white, foul fair, ' wrong right, Base noble, old young, coward valiant.
  • Synonyms

    * wrength


    (en verb)
  • To treat unjustly; to injure or harm.
  • * The dealer wronged us by selling us this lemon of a car.
  • * 1591', , ''Henry VI'', Part I, Act II, Scene IV, line 109. — Thou dost then ' wrong me, as that slaughterer doth Which giveth many wounds when one will kill.
  • To deprive of some right, or to withhold some act of justice.
  • * 1597', , ''Henry IV'', Part II, Act IV, Scene I, line 121. — ... And might by no suit gain our audience. When we are ' wrong'd and would unfold our griefs, We are denied access unto his person Even by those men that most have done us wrong.
  • To slander; to impute evil to unjustly.
  • * 1598', , ''Julius Caesar'', Act III, Scene II, line 121. — O masters! if I were dispos'd to stir Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Brutus wrong, and Cassius wrong, Who (you all know) are honorable men. I will not do them wrong; I rather choose To '''wrong''' the dead, to '''wrong''' myself and you, Than I will ' wrong such honorable men.
  • Derived terms

    * awrong * bark up the wrong tree * civil wrong * go down the wrong way * go wrong * in the wrong * * not that there's anything wrong with that * put a foot wrong * rub somebody the wrong way * self-wrong * start off on the wrong foot * two wrongs don't make a right * two wrongs make a right * wrong side of bed * wrong 'un * wrongdoing * wronger * wrong-foot * wrongful * wrongfully * wronghead * wrong-headed * wrongless * wrongly * wrongness * wrong number * wrongous * wrong side of the tracks * wrong side out * wrong-timed * wrong way * wrong-way concurrency

    See also

    * wrong'd * wrung




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