Goody vs Woody - What's the difference?

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As an interjection goody

is used to indicate pleasure or delight.

As a noun goody

is a small amount of something good to eat.

As a proper noun woody is

a male given name, from a nickname for woodrow.




(wikipedia goody) goody !
  • Used to indicate pleasure or delight.
  • Noun

  • A small amount of something good to eat.
  • Any small, usually free, item.
  • (Ireland) pudding made by boiling bread in milk with sugar and spices.
  • (obsolete) shortening of goodwife, a 17th century puritan honorific.
  • protagonist or hero
  • An American fish, the lafayette or spot.
  • woody



  • Covered in woods; wooded.
  • (obsolete) Belonging to the woods; sylvan.
  • * 1590 , Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene , II.iii:
  • with the wooddie Nymphes when she did play, / Or when the flying Libbard she did chace, / She could them nimbly moue, and after fly apace.
  • Made of wood, or having wood-like properties.
  • (botany) Non-herbaceous.
  • Subshrubs, shrubs, trees and lianas are all woody plants.
  • (botany) Lignified: "the woody parts of a plant".
  • Noun

  • A station wagon that has a retro wooden exterior, often associated with Southern California surfing culture.
  • (vulgar, slang) An erection.
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