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As nouns the difference between filler and willer

is that filler is a subdenomination of the forint, 100 fillér = 1 forint while willer is one who wills, who causes by an act of will or willpower.

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(en noun)
  • One who fills.
  • * Mortimer
  • They have six diggers to four fillers , so as to keep the fillers always at work.
  • Something added to fill a space or add weight or size.
  • * 1977 , Stereo Review (volume 38, page 70)
  • I recommend this album in the face of the fact that five of the eleven songs are the purest filler , dull instrumentals with a harmonica rifling over an indifferent rhythm section. The rest is magnificent
  • Any semisolid substance used to fill gaps, cracks or pores.
  • A relatively inert ingredient added to modify physical characteristics.
  • A short article in a newspaper or magazine.
  • A short piece of music or an announcement between radio or TV programmes.
  • Any spoken sound or word used to fill gaps in speech; filled pause.
  • * Dryden
  • 'Tis mere filler , to stop a vacancy in the hexameter.
  • Cut tobacco used to make up the body of a cigar.
  • (computing) In COBOL, the description of an unnamed part of a record that contains no data relevant to a given context.
  • (horticulture) A plant that lacks a distinctive shape and can fill inconvenient spaces around other plants in pots or gardens.
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    (en noun)
  • One who wills, who causes by an act of will or willpower.
  • One who causes an inheritance by writing a will.