Whiskyfied vs Whiskified - What's the difference?

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Whiskyfied is an alternative form of whiskified.

As adjectives the difference between whiskyfied and whiskified

is that whiskyfied is while whiskified is prone to drinking too much whisky.




(en adjective)
  • whiskified


    Alternative forms

    *whiskeyfied *whiskyfied


    (en adjective)
  • Prone to drinking too much whisky.
  • *1848 , (WM Thackeray), Pendennis :
  • *:Fact and fiction reeled together in his muzzy, whiskified brain.
  • *1926 , (Ford Madox Ford), A Man Could Stand Up—'', Penguin 2012 (''Parade's End ), p. 584:
  • *:Of the various types of field-officer upon whom he could have modelled himself as regards the men, he had chosen that of the genial, rubicund, slightly whiskyfied C.O. who finishes every sentence with the words: ‘Eh, what?’
  • * 1980 , Ivan Doig, This House of Sky
  • But Tom — rather, the kids' dad — had passed from her as surely as if he had been tumbled into the grave with the whiskeyfied rancher.