Whichever vs Wherever - What's the difference?

whichever | wherever |

As a determiner whichever

is any one or a number of a group.

As a pronoun whichever

is any one or a number of a group.

As an adverb wherever is

(an emphatic form of) where .

As a conjunction wherever is

in or to whatever place; anywhere.




(en determiner)
  • Any one or a number of a group.
  • Choose whichever card you like.


    (English Pronouns)
  • Any one or a number of a group.
  • Take a card; whichever you want!

    Usage notes

    It may be preferable to use whoever'' (subject) or ''whomever (object) when referring to a group of people.




  • (An emphatic form of) where .
  • Wherever have you been all my life?

    Usage notes

    * Used emphatically, wherever may be two words ("where ever") when used in questions, though the single word "wherever" is also common, especially in US usage.


    (English Conjunctions)
  • In or to whatever place; anywhere.
  • In all places; everywhere.
  • *, chapter=23
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=If the afternoon was fine they strolled together in the park, very slowly, and with pauses to draw breath wherever the ground sloped upward. The slightest effort made the patient cough.}}

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