Grasshopper vs Weta - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between grasshopper and weta

is that grasshopper is a herbivorous insect of the order orthoptera noted for its ability to jump long distances while weta is .



(en noun)
  • A herbivorous insect of the order Orthoptera noted for its ability to jump long distances.
  • A cocktail made with and optionally with creme de cacao.
  • (figuratively) a young student in initial stages of training who has been chosen on account of their obvious talent
  • * 2009 , B.P. Terpstra, Quadrant , November 2009, No. 461 (Volume LIII, Number 11), Quadrant Magazine Limited, page 2:
  • Although we don't know exactly why Li is chosen to dance, we witness a man assuring officials that the child isn't from bourgeois stock. Phew. There are no known landowners in the family, so the grasshopper passes some cultural purity test, in a state often fixated on class warfare, driven by the cult of personality, and bullied by paranoia.
  • In ordinary square or upright pianos of London make, the escapement lever or jack, so made that it can be taken out and replaced with the key.
  • (Grove)


    * (piano escapement lever) hopper

    Derived terms

    * grasshopper engine * * * knee high to a grasshopper




    (en-noun) (wikipedia weta)
  • Any of about 70 insect species in the families , endemic to New Zealand, resembling katydids or crickets.
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