Walker vs Tramper - What's the difference?

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Walker is a synonym of tramper.

As nouns the difference between walker and tramper

is that walker is : a person who walks or a thing which walks, especially a pedestrian or a participant in a walking race while tramper is one who tramps.




(en noun)
  • : a person who walks or a thing which walks, especially a pedestrian or a participant in a walking race.
  • * 1816 , (Jane Austen), , Volume 1 Chapter 8
  • "I would ask for the pleasure of your company, Mr. Knightley, but I am a very slow walker , and my pace would be tedious to you; and, besides, you have another long walk before you, to Donwell Abbey."
  • * 2005 , Carlo De Vito, 10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me: Life Lessons from a Man's Best Friend (page 88)
  • We hired a walker for the dogs during the day.
  • A walking frame.
  • (often, in the plural) A shoe designed for comfortable walking.
  • A person who walks (or waulks) cloth, that is, who fulls it.
  • A male escort who accompanies a woman to an event.
  • *
  • * 1981 , Spare rib: Volumes 108-119
  • Women at the top — Lady Di and Nancy Reagan in particular — apparently have 'walkers' — men to escort them on public and private occasions providing a respectable cover, while the male who is their sexual partner is off on more pressing business.
  • * 1984 , Clemens David Heymann, Poor little rich girl: the life and legend of Barbara Hutton
  • In the vernacular of the trade, he was what is commonly known as "a walker " — an entertaining male escort who is usually sexually unthreatening
  • * 2007 , (The Walker) (film about a male escort)
  • Synonyms

    * (walking frame) walking frame, Zimmer frame

    Derived terms

    * baby walker * highwire walker * * * tightrope walker

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    (en noun)
  • One who tramps.
  • (chiefly, New Zealand) A recreational hiker.
  • * 2007 , Linda Barnard, "Train trek carries travellers over New Zealand's alpine backbone," Toronto Star , 29 Dec., p. T9:
  • It's a popular spot for hikers, or trampers as they call them here.
  • (industry) A mechanism which pounds material into a more compact form for further processing; found for example in cotton gins and trash processors.
  • * {{quote-book, title=Cotton Ginner's Handbook, author=W.S. Anthony, D.W. Van Doorn, and Douglas Herber, year=1995, chapter=Packaging Lint Cotton, page=123, isbn=078812420X citation
  • , passage=The purpose of the tramper is to pack the lint into the press box under the restraining dogs near the top end of the press box.}}
  • (nautical) A ship, typically a bulk freighter, which does not travel on a fixed route; compare liner.
  • * {{quote-book, title=Baltimore Harbor: A Pictorial History, author=Robert C. Keither, page=194, year=2005, isbn=0801879809 citation
  • , passage=A Greek ship wants 30 pounds of feta cheese, a British tramper requests five cases of steak and kidney pies, a Japanese auto carrier orders 75 pints of boiled octopus,


    * (one who tramps) walker, stomper * (one who hikes) hiker * (freighter not following a fixed route) tramp, tramp steamer, tramp freighter