Rum vs Vum - What's the difference?

rum | vum |

As a noun rum

is room.

As a verb vum is

(us|colloquial) to vow, swear.

As an interjection vum is

(us) an exclamation of surprise.



(wikipedia rum)

Etymology 1

Perhaps shortened from rumbullion.


(en noun)
  • (uncountable) A distilled spirit derived from fermented cane sugar and molasses
  • The Royal Navy used to issue a rum ration to sailors.
  • (countable) A serving of rum
  • Jake tossed down three rums .
  • (countable) A kind or brand of rum
  • Bundaberg is one of my favourite rums .
  • (obsolete, slang) A queer or odd person or thing.
  • (obsolete, slang) A country parson.
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • No company comes / But a rabble of tenants, and rusty dull rums .

    Etymology 2

    Formerly rome'', a slang word for ''good ; possibly of Romany origin; compare .


  • (obsolete) fine, excellent, valuable
  • (British, colloquial, dated) strange, peculiar
  • a rum''' idea; a '''rum fellow

    See also

    * rum go


    * 1951 , , Google Books *: "Can't you see him?" *: "Well, I almost thought I did—for a moment. It's such a rum light." * 1976 , , All Things Wise and Wonderful , page 346 *: "She's as 'appy as Larry, but she'll neither move nor eat. It's a rum' 'un, isn't it?" It was very ' rum indeed.


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  • (US, colloquial) To vow, swear.
  • *1851 ,
  • I vum it's Sunday—you won't see that harpooneer to-night; he's come to anchor somewhere—come along then; do'' come; ''won't ye come?


    (en interjection)
  • (US) An exclamation of surprise.
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