Sulfate vs Vitriolate - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between sulfate and vitriolate

is that sulfate is while vitriolate is (chemistry|obsolete) a sulfate.

As a verb vitriolate is

to convert into, or change to, a vitriol; to make into sulphuric acid or a sulphate.

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Alternative forms

* sulphate (UK)


(en noun)
  • (organic chemistry) Any ester of sulfuric acid.
  • (inorganic chemistry) Any salt of sulfuric acid.
  • Derived terms

    * aluminic sulfate, aluminic sulphate * aluminium sulfate, aluminium sulphate * aluminium sulfate hexadecahydrate, aluminium sulphate hexadecahydrate * ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulphate * barium sulfate, barium sulphate * beryllium sulfate, beryllium sulphate * bisulfate, bisulphate * cadmium sulfate, cadmium sulphate * calcium sulfate, calcium sulphate * ceric ammonium sulfate, ceric ammonium sulphate * ceric sulfate, ceric sulphate * copper sulfate, copper sulphate * cupric sulfate, cupric sulphate * cuprosulfate, cuprosulphate * disulfate, disulphate * ferroso-aluminic sulfate, ferroso-aluminic sulphate * ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulphate * gadolinium ethyl sulfate * gadolinium sulfate, gadolinium sulphate * gadolinium sulfate octahydrate, gadolinium sulphate octahydrate * hydrogen sulfate, hydrogen sulphate * hydropotassic sulfate, hydropotassic sulphate * hydrosodic sulfate, hydrosodic sulphate * hyposulfate, hyposulphate * iodosulfate, iodosulphate * iridico-ammonic sulfate, iridico-ammonic sulphate * iron sulfate, iron sulphate * lithium sulfate, lithium sulphate * magnesio-aluminic sulfate, magnesio-aluminic sulphate * magnesium laureth sulfate, magnesium laureth sulphate * magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulphate * magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, magnesium sulphate heptahydrate * manganese sulfate, manganese sulphate * manganous sulfate, manganous sulphate * nickel sulfate, nickel sulphate * nitrososulfate, nitrososulphate * persulfate, persulphate * potassio-chromic sulfate, potassio-chromic sulphate * potassio-ferric sulfate, potassio-ferric sulphate * potassio-manganic sulfate, potassio-manganic sulphate * potassium aluminium sulfate, potassium aluminium sulphate * potassium sulfate, potassium sulphate * pyrosulfate, pyrosulphate * radium sulfate, radium sulphate * rubidium sulfate, rubidium sulphate * sodium sulfate, sodium sulphate * sulfat-, sulphat- * sulfate ion, sulphate ion * sulfate of ammonia, sulphate of ammonia * sulfate of copper, sulphate of copper * sulfate of iron, sulphate of iron * sulfate of lime, sulphate of lime * sulfate of potash, sulphate of potash * sulfate of soda, sulphate of soda * sulfate of zinc, sulphate of zinc * sulfate process, sulphate process * sulfate pulp, sulphate pulp * sulfate-reducing, sulphate-reducing * sulfatide, sulphatide * sulfating, sulphating * sulfation, sulphation * sulfatite, sulphatite * sulfato-, sulphato- * tellurium sulfate, tellurium sulphate * thallium sulfate, thallium sulphate * thiosulfate, thiosulphate * thorium sulfate, thorium sulphate * trisulfate, trisulphate * uranic sulfate, uranic sulphate * urano-ammonic sulfate, urano-ammonic sulphate * uranoso-ammonic sulfate, uranoso-ammonic sulphate * uranoso-uranic sulfate, uranoso-uranic sulphate * uranous sulfate, uranous sulphate * vanadious sulfate, vanadious sulphate * vanadous sulfate, vanadous sulphate * vanadyl sulfate, vanadyl sulphate * zinco-sulfate, zinco-sulphate


  • (chemistry) To treat something with sulfuric acid, a sulfate, or with sulfur dioxide.
  • (of a lead-acid battery) To accumulate a deposit of lead sulfate.
  • vitriolate



    (en noun)
  • (chemistry, obsolete) A sulfate.
  • Verb

  • To convert into, or change to, a vitriol; to make into sulphuric acid or a sulphate.
  • To subject to the action of, or impregnate with, vitriol.
  • (Webster 1913)