Vitriol vs Virulence - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between vitriol and virulence

is that vitriol is vitriol (sulfuric acid) while virulence is the state of being virulent.




(en noun)
  • (dated) sulphuric acid and various metal sulphates
  • (by extension) bitterly abusive language
  • * 2012 November 2, Ken Belson, "[]," New York Times (retrieved 2 November 2012):
  • For days, online forums sparked with outrage against politicians and race organizers, a tone that turned to vitriol against runners, even from some shaming other runners for being selfish.

    Derived terms

    * vitriolic * oil of vitriol * blue vitriol * green vitriol * hurl vitriol * iron vitriol * white vitriol


    (en verb)
  • to subject someone to bitter verbal abuse
  • virulence



  • the state of being virulent
  • a measure of how virulent a thing is