Hefty vs Vast - What's the difference?

hefty | vast |

As an adjective hefty

is heavy.

As a noun vast is

west (compass point).




  • heavy
  • She carries a hefty backpack full of books.
  • strong, bulky
  • They use some hefty bolts to hold up road signs.
  • (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful; powerfully or heavily built.
  • He was a tall, hefty man.
  • impressive, mighty
  • Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "hefty" is often applied: price tag, premium, profit, price, penalty, fine, portion, salary, gain, increase, amount, sum, check, fee.




  • Very large or wide (literally or figuratively).
  • The Sahara desert is vast .
    There is a vast difference between them.
  • Very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or especially extent.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2012, month=March-April
  • , author=Anna Lena Phillips , title=Sneaky Silk Moths , volume=100, issue=2, page=172 , magazine=(American Scientist) citation , passage=Last spring, the periodical cicadas emerged across eastern North America. Their vast numbers and short above-ground life spans inspired awe and irritation in humans—and made for good meals for birds and small mammals.}}
  • (obsolete) Waste; desert; desolate; lonely.
  • * William Shakespeare, the Life and Death of Richard the Third Act I, scene IV:
  • the empty, vast , and wandering air


    (en noun)
  • (poetic) A vast space.
  • * 1608': they have seemed to be together, though absent, shook hands, as over a '''vast , and embraced, as it were, from the ends of opposed winds. — William Shakespeare, ''The Winter's Tale , I.i
  • Derived terms

    * vastly * vastness * ultravast




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