Nucleus vs Vacuoles - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between nucleus and vacuoles

is that nucleus is the core, central part (of something), round which others are assembled while vacuoles is .



  • The core, central part (of something), round which others are assembled.
  • An initial part or version that will receive additions.
  • This collection will form the nucleus of a new library.
  • (chemistry, physics) The massive, positively charged central part of an atom, made up of protons and neutrons.
  • (cytology) A large organelle found in cells which contains genetic material.
  • (neuroanatomy) A ganglion, cluster of many neuronal bodies where synapsing occurs.
  • (linguistics) The central part of a syllable, most commonly a vowel.
  • Derived terms

    * nucle- * nuclear * nuclease * nucleate, anucleate * nucleic acid * nuclein * nucleo- * nucleolar * nucleon * nucleotide * nuclide * atomic nucleus * cell nucleus * syllable nucleus, the central part of a syllable * sentence nucleus, the syllable which receives the greatest stress in a word