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Pore vs Vacancy - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between pore and vacancy

is that pore is fear, dread while vacancy is an unoccupied position or job.



(wikipedia pore)

Etymology 1

From (etyl) pouren, from (etyl), from (etyl) porus, from (etyl) .


(en noun)
  • A tiny opening in the skin.
  • By extension any small opening or interstice, especially one of many or allowing passage of a fluid.
  • Etymology 2

    From (etyl) poren, pouren, . See (l).


  • to study meticulously; to go over again and again.
  • to meditate or reflect in a steady way.
  • Derived terms
    * pore over


    * * ----




  • An unoccupied position or job.
  • An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc.
  • Empty space.
  • *1993 , James Michie, trans. Ovid, The Art of Love , Book II:
  • *:Sky was set above earth, land ringed with sea, / Chaos retired to its own vacancy [...].
  • Lack of intelligence or understanding.
  • (physics) A defect in a crystal caused by the absence of an atom in a lattice