What is the difference between uzbekistan and cccp?

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Uzbekistan is a see also of cccp.


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  • Country in Central Asia. Official name: Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Derived terms

    * Uzbekistani

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    * * Gagaguz * Gagavuz * Guzlu * Kuzlu * Kozlu * Kabaguz * * Kabauz * * * Oguz * * Uguz * uguz * oguz * oguz * guz * * uz ----



    Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • (lb) USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
  • * 1992 July 27, Keith Morgan, NATO/Warsaw Pact forces (was Re: Greatest Prez...)'', in soc.history, ''Usenet :
  • Now that the CCCP is history. I wonder if we'll find out who Suvorov really was.
  • * 2008 , Martin Avery, Bobby Orr and Me , Lulu.com (ISBN 9780557036929), page 353
  • Canada won the 1972 Summit Series against the CCCP , just barely, but lost a lot of face, bragging rights, prestige, sense of self, identity, and propaganda points, even though life in the Soviet Union, judging by the big hockey rink in Moscow, was dismal, at best, and a totalitarian police state nightmare, at worst.
  • * 2011 September 21, "A Moose in Love" (username), Re: The Soviet invasion of Poland'', in alt.revisionism, ''Usenet :
  • The CCCP had evil intentions as well[,] no?
  • * 2013 , , introduction to Two Sides of the Moon: Our Story of the Cold War Space Race by Alexei Leonov and David Scott, Open Road Media (ISBN 9781480448742)
  • A common generalisation about people who go into space, particularly those men who were the participants in the great space race between the USA and the CCCP , is that each is an automaton — a throttle jockey with a crew cut, a mind like a slide rule and a vocabulary of 'gee whiz' superlatives and 'A-OK' affirmatives.
  • * 2014', Larisa Kharakhinova, ''Heart-to-heart letters: to MrRight from '''CCCP , Litres (ISBN 9785457226449), page 22
  • One question from Japanese side was: 'What about sex in CCCP'?' and 'the illustrious reply' — one soviet woman, very venerable and respectable, deputy and laureate of something, — she answered with dignity: 'There is no sex in ' CCCP at all!' — it was said with such a great pride, in such a peremptory tone, as if she was insulted in her best feelings, — both sides, both countries split their sides with laughter.
  • * 2015 January 7, "Kevrob" (username), Re: SF influence spreads to real world'', in rec.arts.sf.written, ''Usenet :
  • Taking the period 1945-1991 as one long war by proxy between the US and its allies and the CCCP and its puppet regimes (and sometimes Red China), the "Korean War" and "the Viet Nam War" can be considered battles or theaters in the larger conflict.

    Usage notes

    The Russian letters are not pronounced the same as the English letters of the same shape; the closest approach in English to the Russian pronunciation (and the transliteration) would be SSSR.

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