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As adjectives the difference between useful and usage

is that useful is having a practical or beneficial use while usage is used.

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(en adjective)
  • Having a practical or beneficial use.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=July-August, author= Lee S. Langston, magazine=(American Scientist)
  • , title= The Adaptable Gas Turbine , passage=Turbines have been around for a long time—windmills and water wheels are early examples. The name comes from the Latin turbo'', meaning ''vortex , and thus the defining property of a turbine is that a fluid or gas turns the blades of a rotor, which is attached to a shaft that can perform useful work.}}

    Usage notes

    * Prepositions: useful'' is used in ''useful for '', ''useful for '' and ''useful to ''. The words ''useful to'' are also found in construction such as ''It is useful to do'', in which ''to marks an infinitive rather than being a preposition.


    * noteful * serviceable * utilitarian


    * unuseful * useless * harmful



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    (en noun)
  • The manner or the amount of using; use
  • Habit or accepted practice
  • (lexicography) The ways and contexts in which spoken and written words are used, determined by a lexicographer's intuition or from corpus analysis.
  • # Correct or proper use of language, proclaimed by some authority.
  • # Geographic, social, or temporal restrictions on the use of words.
  • Derived terms

    * usage dictionary * usage guide * usage label * usage lexicography * usage note * usage panel


    * * Sydney I. Landau (2001), Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, p 217.


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