Untaxed vs Untared - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between untaxed and untared

is that untaxed is not subject to being taxed while untared is not tared, not weighed.

As a verb untared is

past tense of untar.




  • Not subject to being taxed.
  • :During August clothes costing less than $75 are untaxed , to try to help the poor by clothes and the merchants make money.
  • Not having had taxes paid on even though required.
  • :Bootleggers make good money selling untaxed cigarettes, until they are caught.
  • Not tired or strained, working well within capacity.
  • :The motor was untaxed by the steep hill because the vehicle was so lightly loaded.
  • untared


    Etymology 1


  • (untar)
  • Etymology 2


  • not tared, not weighed
  • Take an untared beaker of suitable size &
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