Deviation vs Unswervingly - What's the difference?

deviation | unswervingly |

As a noun deviation

is diversion; different route to travel.

As an adverb unswervingly is

without deviation; not swerving.




(en noun)
  • The act of deviating; a wandering from the way; variation from the common way, from an established rule, etc.; departure, as from the right course or the path of duty.
  • The state or result of having deviated; a transgression; an act of sin; an error; an offense.
  • (contract law) The voluntary and unnecessary departure of a ship from, or delay in, the regular and usual course of the specific voyage insured, thus releasing the underwriters from their responsibility.
  • (Absolute Deviation) The shortest distance between the center of the target and the point where a projectile hits or bursts.
  • (statistics) For interval variables and ratio variables, a measure of difference between the observed value and the mean.
  • (metrology) The signed difference between a value and its reference value.
  • Derived terms

    * absolute deviation * average deviation * deviation ratio * immune deviation * mean deviation * quartile deviation * relative deviation * sexual deviation * signed deviation * standard deviation




    (en adverb)
  • Without deviation; not swerving
  • He followed his course unswervingly .


    * steadfastly * unwaveringly


    * swervingly