Unnecessariness vs Needlessness - What's the difference?

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Unnecessariness is a synonym of needlessness.

As nouns the difference between unnecessariness and needlessness

is that unnecessariness is the state or characteristic of being unnecessary while needlessness is the state or characteristic of being needless.




  • The state or characteristic of being unnecessary.
  • * 1808 , Works of Joseph Hall, D.D , Vol. 9, edited by Josiah Pratt, London, p. 9:
  • The unavoidableness of which effects hath carried some of their Casuists into an opinion, of the unnecessariness of devotion in these holy businesses: so as one says . . . "Though it be convenient, that the Communicant should have actual devotion; yet, it is not necessary."
  • * 1913 , Arnold Bennett, The Human Machine? , p. 73:
  • A disciplined brain will at once show the unnecessariness of most ambitions, and will ensure that the remainder shall be conducted with reason.
  • * 2007 , Karen von Hahn, " Unnecessary Accessories of the Rich and Famous," Globe and Mail , 15 June (retrieved 30 Aug. 2009):
  • In the sad case of Paris Hilton, whose sheer unnecessariness epitomizes her career, her unnecessary accessory of choice is an SUV.


    * gratuitousness, needlessness


    * necessariness * necessity




  • the state or characteristic of being needless
  • Synonyms

    * gratuitousness, unnecessariness, unnecessity