Parcel vs Unit - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between parcel and unit

is that parcel is to wrap something up into the form of a package while unit is .

As a noun parcel

is a package wrapped for shipment.

As an adverb parcel

is (obsolete) part or half; in part; partially.




(en noun)
  • A package wrapped for shipment.
  • :
  • *
  • *:At twilight in the summeron the floor.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1905, author=
  • , title= , chapter=2 citation , passage=“H'm !” he said, “so, so—it is a tragedy in a prologue and three acts. I am going down this afternoon to see the curtain fall for the third time on what [...] will prove a good burlesque ; but it all began dramatically enough. It was last Saturday […] that two boys, playing in the little spinney just outside Wembley Park Station, came across three large parcels done up in American cloth. […]”}}
  • An individual consignment of cargo for shipment, regardless of size and form.
  • A division of land bought and sold as a unit.
  • :
  • (lb) A group of birds.
  • An indiscriminate or indefinite number, measure, or quantity; a collection; a group.
  • *(William Shakespeare) (c.1564–1616)
  • *:This youthful parcel / Of noble bachelors stand at my disposing.
  • *1847 , (Herman Melville), (Omoo)
  • *:A parcel of giddy creatures of her own age.
  • A small amount of food that has been wrapped up, for example a pastry.
  • A portion of anything taken separately; a fragment of a whole; a part.
  • :
  • *(John Arbuthnot) (1667-1735)
  • *:two parcels of the white of an egg
  • *(John Addington Symonds) (1840–1893)
  • *:The parcels of the nation adopted different forms of self-government.
  • Synonyms

    * (package wrapped for shipment) package * (division of land bought and sold as a unit) plot

    Derived terms

    * parcel bomb * parcel out * parcel post * parcel together * parcel up * parcellate * parcellation * part and parcel * pass the parcel

    See also

    * lot * allotment


  • To wrap something up into the form of a package.
  • To wrap a strip around the end of a rope.
  • Worm and parcel with the lay; turn and serve the other way.
  • To divide and distribute by parts or portions; often with out'' or ''into .
  • * Shakespeare
  • Their woes are parcelled , mine are general.
  • * Dryden
  • These ghostly kings would parcel out my power.
  • * Tennyson
  • the broad woodland parcelled into farms
  • To add a parcel or item to; to itemize.
  • * Shakespeare
  • That mine own servant should / Parcel the sum of my disgraces by / Addition of his envy.


  • (obsolete) Part or half; in part; partially.
  • * Sir Walter Scott
  • The worthy dame was parcel -blind.
  • * Tennyson
  • One that was parcel -bearded.


    * *





    (en noun)
  • (sciences) A standard measure of a quantity.
  • The centimetre is a unit of length.
  • The number one.
  • This pill provides 500 units of Vitamin E.
  • An organized group comprising people and/or equipment.
  • He was a member of a special police unit .
  • (military, informal) A member of a military organization.
  • The fifth tank brigade moved in with 20 units .'' (''i.e., 20 tanks )
  • (US, military) Any military element whose structure is prescribed by competent authority, such as a table of organization and equipment; specifically, part of an organizationJoint Publication 1-02 U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms; 12 April 2001 (As Amended Through 14 April 2006). .
  • (US, military) An organization title of a subdivision of a group in a task force.
  • (US, military) A standard or basic quantity into which an item of supply is divided, issued or used. In this meaning, also called unit of issue.
  • (US, military) With regard to Reserve Components of the Armed Forces, denotes a Selected Reserve unit organized, equipped, and trained for mobilization to serve on active duty as a unit or to augment or be augmented by another unit. Headquarters and support functions without wartime missions are not considered units.
  • (algebra) An element of a ring having a multiplicative inverse. (Formerly just the identity element 1R of a ring.)
  • (geology) A volume of rock or ice of identifiable origin and age range that is defined by the distinctive and dominant, easily mapped and recognizable petrographic, lithologic or paleontologic features (facies) that characterize it.
  • (commerce) An item which may be sold singly.
  • We shipped nearly twice as many units this month as last month.
  • (UK, electricity) One kilowatt-hour (as recorded on an electricity meter).
  • (Australia, New Zealand) a measure of housing equivalent to the living quarters of one household, an apartment where a group of apartments is contained in one or more multi-storied buildings or a group of dwellings is in one or more single storey buildings, usually arranged around a driveway.
  • (historical) A gold coin of the reign of James I, worth twenty shillings.
  • (Camden)


    * (identity element) identity element, unit element


  • For each unit.
  • We have to keep our unit costs down if we want to make a profit.
  • (mathematics) Having a size or magnitude of one.
  • * 1990 , William W. S. Wei, Time Series Analysis , ISBN 0201159112, page 9:
  • Consider the following time sequence
  • *:: Z_t=A\sin(\omega t+\theta),
  • where A is a random variable with a zero mean and a unit variance and \theta is a random variable with a uniform distribution on the interval [-\pi,\pi] independent of A.

    Derived terms

    * construction unit * tractor unit * unit aircraft * unitality * unit cost * unit combat readiness * unit commitment status * unit designation list



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