Contaminated vs Unfavorable - What's the difference?

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Contaminated is a related term of unfavorable.

As adjectives the difference between contaminated and unfavorable

is that contaminated is adulterated; impure while unfavorable is disadvantageous, adverse, unsuitable, inconducive; serving to hinder or oppose.

As a verb contaminated

is (contaminate).




  • (contaminate)
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • adulterated; impure
  • Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "contaminated" is often applied: food, meat, fish, milk, water, groundwater, land, soil, sediment, site, property, air, product, material.



    Alternative forms

    * unfavourable


    (en adjective)
  • Disadvantageous, adverse, unsuitable, inconducive; serving to hinder or oppose.
  • * 1863 , , Excursions , ch. 6:
  • The shade of a dense pine wood, is more unfavorable to the springing up of pines of the same species than of oaks within it.
  • Not favorable, disapproving.
  • * 1860 , , The Mill on the Floss , ch. 11:
  • [Y]et the thing she most dreaded was to offend the gypsies, by betraying her extremely unfavorable opinion of them.
  • (of wind or weather) Causing obstacles or delay; not conducive to travel or work; inclement.
  • * 1855 , , Israel Potter , ch. 17:
  • The wind was right under the land, the tide unfavorable.
  • Not auspicious; ill-boding.
  • * 1903 , , The Filigree Ball , ch. 6:
  • The fact that the bride went through the ceremony without her bridal bouquet is looked upon by many as an unfavorable omen.

    Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "unfavorable" is often applied: condition, circumstance, weather, climate, outcome, result, opinion, view, impression, effect, consequence, impact, influence, environment, balance, information, report, prognosis, rating, evaluation, review, position, factor, feature, aspect, reaction, response, attitude, season, development, treatment, ruling, case, state, experience, inference.


    * favorable