Inadequate vs Undermaintain - What's the difference?

inadequate | undermaintain |

As an adjective inadequate

is .

As a verb undermaintain is

to maintain inadequately; to allow to fall into disrepair.



Alternative forms

* (archaic)


(en adjective)
  • Not adequate; unequal to the purpose; insufficient; deficient; as, inadequate resources, power, conceptions, representations, etc.
  • * 2013 June 18, , " Protests Widen as Brazilians Chide Leaders," New York Times (retrieved 21 June 2013):
  • In a convulsion that has caught many in Brazil and beyond by surprise, waves of protesters denounced their leaders for dedicating so many resources to cultivating Brazil’s global image by building stadiums for international events, when basic services like education and health care remain woefully inadequate .




    (en verb)
  • To maintain inadequately; to allow to fall into disrepair.
  • *{{quote-news, year=2007, date=February 18, author=Jake Mooney, title=A Case of the Shivers, work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=The cracking sound, he explained, as far as I, a non-plumber, could understand, was the sound of the overworked, undermaintained and weirdly installed heating unit’s core rupturing and spilling water into the basement. }}