Square vs Undefined - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between square and undefined

is that square is shaped like a (the polygon) while undefined is lacking a definition or value.

As a noun square

is (geometry) a polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.

As a verb square

is to adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.




(en noun)
  • (geometry) A polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.
  • * (rfdate)
  • I took refuge in the square form and exhibited a picture which consisted of nothing more than a black square on a white field.
  • An L- or T-shaped tool used to place objects or draw lines at right angles.
  • There are so many uses for the square , in fact, that a new model will usually come complete with a booklet enumerating its applications. - The Carpenter's Square
  • An open space in a town, not necessarily square in shape, often containing trees, seating and other features pleasing to the eye.
  • * Addison
  • The statue of Alexander VII. stands in the large square of the town.
  • * (rfdate)
  • You're not in Wisconsin, Dave. The big story isn't about a cow wandering into the town square .
  • A cell in a grid.
  • You may not move a piece to a square already occupied by one of your own pieces.
  • (mathematics) The second power of a number, value, term or expression.
  • 64 is the square of 8.
  • (military) A body of troops drawn up in a square formation.
  • * Shakespeare
  • the brave squares of war
  • * 1990 , (Peter Hopkirk), The Great Game , Folio Society 2010, p. 144:
  • After disastrous attempts to break the Russian squares , during which, Longworth recounts, ‘the best and the bravest of the warriors fell victim to their own rashness’, the Circassians likewise changed their tactics.
  • (slang) A socially conventional person; typically associated with the 1950s
  • *
  • Why do you always wear a tie? Don't be such a square !
  • (British) The symbol # on a telephone; hash.
  • Enter your account number followed by a square .
  • (cricket) The central area of a cricket field, with one ore more pitches of which only one is used at a time.
  • An ideal playing area is roughly circular in shape with a central area, the cricket square , measuring 27.44 metres by 27.44 metres and boundaries 45.75 metres from the sides of the square.
  • (real estate jargon) A unit of measurement of area, equal to a 10 foot by 10 foot square, ie. 100 square feet or roughly 9.3 square metres. Used in real estate for the size of a house or its rooms, though progressively being replaced by square metres in metric countries such as Australia.
  • 2006: Just as the basic unit of real estate measurement across the world is the square ... — (Macquarie Bank) (Australia), press release Macquarie releases Real Estate Market Outlook 2006 - "The World Squared" , 21 June 2006 [http://www.macquarie.com.au/au/about_macquarie/media_centre/20060621.htm]
    2007: The house is very large and open and boasts 39 squares' of living space plus over 13 '''squares''' of decking area on 3 sides and 17 ' squares of garage and workshop downstairs. — Your Estate advertisement for Grindelwald Tasmania [http://www.yourestate.com.au/property_12753.php]
  • (roofing) A unit used in measuring roof area equivalent to 100 square feet (9.29 m2) of roof area.
  • (North America) A dessert cut into rectangular pieces, or a piece of such a dessert.
  • (academia) A mortarboard
  • (colloquial, US) A square meal.
  • ''Even when times were tough, we got three squares a day.
  • A pane of glass.
  • (printing) A certain number of lines, forming a portion of a column, nearly square; used chiefly in reckoning the prices of advertisements in newspapers.
  • (archaic) Exact proportion; justness of workmanship and conduct; regularity; rule.
  • * Hooker
  • They of Galatia [were] much more out of square .
  • * Shakespeare
  • I have not kept my square .
  • The relation of harmony, or exact agreement; equality; level.
  • * Dryden
  • We live not on the square with such as these.
  • (astrology) The position of planets distant ninety degrees from each other; a quadrate.
  • (dated) The act of squaring, or quarrelling; a quarrel.
  • The front of a woman's dress over the bosom, usually worked or embroidered.
  • (Shakespeare)
  • (lb) .
  • Synonyms

    * (polygon) (rare) tetragon * (L-shaped tool) steel square, framing square, carpenter's square * (open space) piazza, plaza * (socially conventional person) see * hash, sharp, (US) pound sign

    Derived terms

    * carpenter's square * chi-square * combination square * difference of two squares * four square * framing square * goal square * kid on the square * Latin square * machinist square * magic square * market square * mean square * miter square * on the square * optical square * over square * perfect square * public square * Punnett square * set square * square bashing * squareless * square one * square-pushing * square tab shingle * steel square * T-square * three-square * town square * try square * under square * word square


  • Shaped like a (the polygon).
  • * {{quote-book, year=1963, author=(Margery Allingham)
  • , title=(The China Governess) , chapter=1 citation , passage=The huge square box, parquet-floored and high-ceilinged, had been arranged to display a suite of bedroom furniture designed and made in the halcyon days of the last quarter of the nineteenth century,
  • Forming a right angle, especially (nautical) at right angles with the mast or the keel, and parallel to the horizon; said of the yards of a square-rigged vessel when they are so braced.
  • a square corner
  • Used in the names of units of area formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself.
  • Honest; straightforward.
  • square dealing
  • Fair.
  • to make or leave the accounts square
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • (senseid)(slang) Socially conventional; boring.
  • (cricket) In line with the batsman's popping crease.
  • Correctly aligned with respect to something else.
  • hearty; vigorous
  • * Beaumont and Fletcher
  • By Heaven, square eaters. More meat, I say.
  • Having a shape broad for the height, with angular rather than curving outlines.
  • a man of a square frame


    * above board, on the level, on the square, on the up and up, straight * (socially conventional) bourgeois

    Derived terms

    (Terms derived from the adjective "square") * all square * be there or be square * fair and square * square bracket * square centimetre, square centimeter * square circle * square dancing * square deal * square drive * square flipper/squareflipper * square foot * squarehead * square inch * square leg * square knot * square matrix * square meal * square metre, square meter * square mile * square number * square pyramid * square rod * square root * square sail * square shooter * square-shouldered * square-toed * square wave * square yard * squarely * squareness * T-squared


  • To adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.
  • The casting was mounted on a milling machine so that its sides could be squared .
  • To resolve.
  • John can square this question up for us.
    These results just don't square .
  • To adjust or adapt so as to bring into harmony with something.
  • I cannot square the results of the experiment with my hypothesis.
    ''to square our actions by the opinions of others
  • * Milton
  • Square my trial / To my proportioned strength.
  • (mathematics) Of a value, term or expression, to multiply by itself; to raise to the second power.
  • To draw, with a pair of compasses and a straightedge only, a with the same area as.
  • square the circle
  • (soccer) To make a short low pass sideways across the pitch
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=December 10 , author=David Ornstein , title=Arsenal 1 - 0 Everton , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=First, former Toffee Mikel Arteta sent Walcott racing clear but instead of shooting he squared towards Ramsey, who was foiled by Tony Hibbert.}}
  • (archaic) To take opposing sides; to quarrel.
  • To accord or agree exactly; to be consistent with; to suit; to fit.
  • * Cowper
  • No works shall find acceptance that square not truly with the Scripture plan.
  • (obsolete) To go to opposite sides; to take an attitude of offense or defense, or of defiance; to quarrel.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Are you such fools / To square for this?
  • To take a boxing attitude; often with up'' or ''off .
  • (Dickens)
  • To form with four sides and four right angles.
  • (Spenser)
  • To form with right angles and straight lines, or flat surfaces.
  • to square mason's work
  • To compare with, or reduce to, any given measure or standard.
  • (Shakespeare)
  • (astrology) To hold a quartile position respecting.
  • * Creech
  • the icy Goat and Crab that square the Scales
  • (nautical) To place at right angles with the keel.
  • to square the yards

    Derived terms

    (terms derived from the verb "square") * square away * square off * square up * square with * square the circle


    * (to multiply by itself)

    See also

    * (wikipedia "square") * cubic * quadrilateral * rectangle * rhombus 1000 English basic words ----




    (wikipedia undefined) (-)
  • Lacking a definition or value.
  • (mathematics, computing) That does not have a meaning and is thus not assigned an interpretation.
  • The result of division by zero is undefined .


    * defined