Laurence vs Undefined - What's the difference?

laurence | undefined |

As a proper noun laurence

is .

As an adjective undefined is

lacking a definition or value.



Alternative forms

* Lawrence (usual US spelling)

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • * ~1591 William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet , Act II, Scene IV
  • Romeo : Bid her devise / Some means to come to shrift this afternoon; / And there she shall at Friar Laurence' cell / Be shriv'd and married.
  • * 1835 , Lodore , Wallis&Newell 1835, page 30:
  • "I will do any thing, however impossible, if you will only not call me Mr Hervey. Why am I not Laurence''''' to you - Miss Vivian calls me '''Laurence''' - I am '''Laurence''' to every one but you - let me hear you call me ' Laurence ," in an earnest manner.
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    * Laura and its variants


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    (wikipedia undefined) (-)
  • Lacking a definition or value.
  • (mathematics, computing) That does not have a meaning and is thus not assigned an interpretation.
  • The result of division by zero is undefined .


    * defined