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Fibre vs Undefined - What's the difference?

fibre | undefined |

As adjectives the difference between fibre and undefined

is that fibre is fibrous while undefined is lacking a definition or value.

As a verb fibre

is .



(wikipedia fibre)

Alternative forms

* fiber (US)


  • (en noun) (British, Canada, Australia, Ireland, NZ, South Africa)
  • (senseid)(countable) A single piece of a given material, elongated and roughly round in cross-section, often twisted with other fibres to form thread.
  • The microscope showed several different fibres stuck to the sole of the shoe.
  • (senseid)(uncountable) Material in the form of fibres.
  • The cloth was made from strange, somewhat rough fibre .
  • Dietary fibre.
  • ''Fresh vegetables are a good source of fibre .
  • Moral strength and resolve.
  • The ordeal was a test of everyone’s fibre .
  • (mathematics) The preimage of a given point in the range of a map.
  • Under this map, any two values in the fibre of a given point on the circle differ by 2π
  • (computing) A kind of lightweight thread of execution.
  • Anagrams

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    (wikipedia undefined) (-)
  • Lacking a definition or value.
  • (mathematics, computing) That does not have a meaning and is thus not assigned an interpretation.
  • The result of division by zero is undefined .


    * defined