Attested vs Unadulterated - What's the difference?

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Attested is a related term of unadulterated.

As adjectives the difference between attested and unadulterated

is that attested is proven; shown to be true with evidence while unadulterated is pure; not mixed or adulterated with anything.

As a verb attested

is (attest).




  • (attest)
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Proven; shown to be true with evidence
  • Supported with testimony
  • Certified as good, correct, or pure
  • * 1599 , , First Folio edition, Act V, Scene 1:
  • A Contract of eternall bond of loue,
    Confirm'd by mutuall ioynder of your hands,
    Atte?ted by the holy clo?e of lippes,
  • (linguistics) Of words or languages, proven to have existed by records.
  • *
  • A term should be included if it's likely that someone would run accross it and want to know what it means. This in turn leads to the somewhat more formal guideline of including a term if it is attested' and ' idiomatic .
  • * The word slæpwerig'' (sleep-weary) is attested in the Exeter Book in the form ''slæpwerigne .
  • See also

    * approved * cited * documented * proved * supported English autological terms




  • pure; not mixed or adulterated with anything
  • utter or out-and-out, especially in the phrase unadulterated truth