Alternative forms

Osmous vs Osmious - What's the difference?

osmous | osmious | Alternative forms |

Osmous is an alternative form of osmious.

As an adjective osmious is

(chemistry) denoting those compounds of osmium in which the element has a valence relatively lower than in the osmic compounds.

Epicheirema vs Epichirema - What's the difference?

epicheirema | epichirema | Alternative forms |

Epicheirema is an alternative form of epichirema.

As nouns the difference between epicheirema and epichirema

is that epicheirema is while epichirema is (rhetoric|logic) a syllogism in which the proof of the major or minor premise, or both, is introduced with the premises themselves, and the conclusion is derived in the ordinary manner.

Khan vs Kawn - What's the difference?

khan | kawn | Alternative forms |

Khan is an alternative form of kawn.

As nouns the difference between khan and kawn

is that khan is a set of three of the same card while kawn is an inn in turkey.

As an adjective khan

is hoarse.

Holt vs Hoult - What's the difference?

holt | hoult | Alternative forms |

Holt is an alternative form of hoult.

As a proper noun holt

is an english and north-west european topographic surname for someone who lived by a small wood.

As a noun hoult is

(label) a wood; copse.

Incloister vs Encloister - What's the difference?

incloister | encloister | Alternative forms |

Incloister is an alternative form of encloister.

As verbs the difference between incloister and encloister

is that incloister is while encloister is to shut up in a cloister.

Vc vs Vietcong - What's the difference?

vc | vietcong | Alternative forms |

Vc is an alternative form of vietcong.

As a pronoun vc

is (label).

As a proper noun vietcong is

a communist organization and guerrilla army in south vietnam and cambodia that fought the united states, south korea, australia, and south vietnamese governments during the vietnam war and was supported by communist north vietnam.

Nectaryless vs Nectariless - What's the difference?

nectaryless | nectariless | Alternative forms |

Nectaryless is an alternative form of nectariless.

As an adjective nectariless is

without a nectary.

Heptarch vs Heptarchist - What's the difference?

heptarch | heptarchist | Alternative forms |

Heptarch is an alternative form of heptarchist.

As nouns the difference between heptarch and heptarchist

is that heptarch is a heptarchist while heptarchist is a ruler of one division of a heptarchy.

Noursle vs Nurstle - What's the difference?

noursle | nurstle | Alternative forms |

Noursle is an alternative form of nurstle.

As verbs the difference between noursle and nurstle

is that noursle is (obsolete|transitive) to nurse; to rear; to bring up while nurstle is (obsolete) to nurse.

Lachrimable vs Lachrymable - What's the difference?

lachrimable | lachrymable | Alternative forms |

Lachrimable is an alternative form of lachrymable.

As adjectives the difference between lachrimable and lachrymable

is that lachrimable is while lachrymable is (archaic) lamentable.