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Tyles vs Tyler - What's the difference?

tyles | tyler |

As a verb tyles

is (tyle).

As a noun tyler is





  • (tyle)

  • tyle



  • (to protect from the intrusion of the initiated)
  • ----



    Proper noun

  • for a tiler.
  • transferred from the surname.
  • * 1930 Henry Robinson Luce, Fortune (published by Time, inc., 1930):
  • However, the whippet-like appearance of most Tyler' Corp. executives suggests what McKinney really wants is a spring-legged crew that can run its competitors into the ground. - - - It's no coincidence, either, that his seven-year-old son is named ' Tyler .
  • * 1977 Peter Tauber, The Last Best Hope (ISBN 0151483779), page 78:
  • "Yeah, I guess. I'm part Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth - on paper."
    Zermatt sucked his teeth, still dubious. "I thought Cobb was Tyrus."
    "Sounded too foreign for my mom or something. And there was some Scottish rebel named Tyler - maybe a cousin, so they compromised. It's kind of presidential, too, I guess. And my middle name is for - da-dum! - George Herman Ruth."
  • used since the 1980s.
  • A city in Minnesota.
  • A city in Texas.
  • Derived terms

    * Tylerism * Tylerize English unisex given names