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As an adjective turpsy

is soaked in or smelling of turpentine.

As a noun turps is

(informal) turpentine or turpentine substitute.

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  • soaked in or smelling of turpentine
  • * 1960 , , Breakdown , Hutchinson (1960), page 24:
  • *:Back at his canvas he drew some more with Prussian blue, wiped his hands on a turpsy rag, and went over to the telephone.
  • * 1996 , Chris Pullen, Mercenary 11: Oliver's Army , 22 Books (1996), ISBN 9781898125471, page 4:
  • *:There was the fresh, turpsy smell of conifers, and from a quarter of a mile away the salty tang of shifting sea water.
  • * 2002 , , Permanent Violet , Polygon (2002), ISBN 0748663215, page 185:
  • *:I had lived with him, scarcely conscious that he had an individual smell at all. But now I could recognise it at once - soapy, mentholy, a little sweaty, musky, turpsy . I passed the material under my nose, and his presence was filling my head.
  • (of oil paint) heavily diluted with turpentine
  • * 1984 , , Molvig: The Lost Antipodean , Penguin Books (1984), ISBN 0140064265, page 74:
  • *:The Sleeping lubra is an oil painting on board, and the underpainting, which has been laid in as a transparent wash, seems to have been mixed with some incompatible substance that has caused the colour to marble, possibly the result of clear enamel being dropped directly into the turpsy film of oil paint.
  • * 2005 , Alex Danchev, Georges Braque: A Life , Hamish Hamilton (2005), ISBN 1559707437, page 269:
  • *:But another canvas of the same size [probably Studio II] was only just begun: it had been scribbled all over with a very loose turpsy mixture of ochre-honey colour with a biggish brush.
  • turps



  • (informal) Turpentine or turpentine substitute.
  • (slang, Australia, New Zealand) Any alcoholic drink.
  • * 2005 , Paul Smitz, Australia & New Zealand on a Shoestring , page 72,
  • Generally, big nights on the turps take place in The Rocks and around Kings Cross — where you'll hear and smell the action pretty quickly.
  • * 2006 , Gregor Paul, Hard Men Fight Back: Kiwi Sportsmen Who Beat the Odds to Live Their Dream , page 199,
  • Crazy sessions on the turps were all part of the culture.
  • * 2010 , Alex Bartoli, Rachel: A Story of Obsessive Love : A Novel , page 110,
  • She caught my eye, and called out, “Just showing off the studio. Keep the turps flowing.”

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