Troubadour vs Trouveur - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between troubadour and trouveur

is that troubadour is an itinerant composer and performer of songs in medieval europe; a jongleur or travelling minstrel while trouveur is (dated) a minstrel, a troubadour.



(en noun)
  • An itinerant composer and performer of songs in medieval Europe; a jongleur or travelling minstrel.
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  • trouveur



    (en noun)
  • (dated) A minstrel, a troubadour.
  • * 1796 , '', Book IV, 1829, ''The Poetical Works of Robert Southey , page 16,
  • Meantime the Trouveur struck the harp; he sang
    Of Lancelot du Lake, the truest Knight
    That ever loved fair Lady;
  • * 1834 , Robert Thomson, Treatise on the Progress of Literature and its Effects on Society , page 81,
  • But, secondly, a great many of these tales were borrowed from the narratives of the trouveurs or minstrels who wandered through the north of France, relating stories or reciting poems for the amusement of their entertainers.
  • * 1835 , , Curiosities of Literature , First Series, page 118,
  • The origin of these tales must be traced to the inventions of the Trouveurs , who doubtless often adopted them from various nations.