Triunitarianism vs Trinitarianism - What's the difference?

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Triunitarianism is a synonym of trinitarianism.


Not English

Triunitarianism has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'triunitarianism':

trinitarianism, trimethylindium, trimethylgallium


Alternative forms

* Trinitarianism


  • (theology) The monotheistic Christian doctrine that defines God as three divine persons or : the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.
  • Synonyms

    * triunitarianism, Triunitarianism * tri-unitarianism, Tri-unitarianism, Tri-Unitarianism

    See also

    * binitarianism, Binitarianism * monotheism, Monotheism * quadrinitarianism, Quadrinitarianism * septarianism, Septarianism * septenarianism, Septenarianism * theism, Theism * unitarianism, Unitarianism