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Tipper vs Tripper - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between tipper and tripper

is that tipper is someone who tips, someone who gives a tip while tripper is agent noun of trip; one who trips.




(en noun)
  • Someone who tips, someone who gives a tip.
  • The Americans are among the most generous tippers in the world.
  • A kind of ale brewed with brackish water obtained from a particular well; -- so called from the first brewer of it, one Thomas Tipper.
  • (slang) A small moustache.
  • English agent nouns




    (en noun)
  • Agent noun of trip; one who trips.
  • A person experiencing a hallucinogenic trip
  • (British) A tourist
  • Derived terms

    * day tripper * (gonorrhea in Russian) English agent nouns ----