Triply vs Trilly - What's the difference?

triply | trilly |

As an adverb triply

is at three times the severity or degree.

As an adjective trilly is

having a trill sound.




  • (usually, of relative importance) At three times the severity or degree.
  • It is important to lock the door, and triply so at night.

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    (en adjective)
  • Having a trill sound.
  • * 1914 , Sewell Ford, Wilt thou Torchy
  • *:She was a sweet young thing with cheek dimples and a trilly laugh...
  • * 1984 , Donald J. Borror, Songs of Western Birds
  • *:This bird has a number of calls, but the most common is a loud chuck (Example 3). Immature birds utter a trilly note (Example 4), which is a common marsh sound in mid-summer.
  • * 2009 , Bob Mitchell, Once Upon a Fastball
  • *:He adores his bedtime baseball stories, even at his ripe old age. “It's called 'The Curse.' Wooooooooo!” Sol sings scarily in a trilly , ghostlike, gradually descending soprano.
  • * 31 March 2011 , Mallika Rao at, American Idol Recap: Stuck In the Middle
  • *:Paul McDonald, whose "Rocket Man" was wispy and unmemorable; Stefano Langone, still with the weird enunciations and trilly voice...