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Motivation vs Trigger - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between motivation and trigger

is that motivation is willingness of action especially in behavior while trigger is a finger-operated lever used to fire a gun.

As a verb trigger is

to fire a weapon.



(en noun)
  • Willingness of action especially in behavior
  • The action of motivating.
  • Something which motivates.
  • An incentive or reason for doing something.
  • (advertising) a research rating that measures how the rational and emotional elements of a commercial affect consumer intention to consider, visit, or buy something.
  • The motivation scores showed that 65% of people wanted to visit our website to learn more about the offer after watching the commercial.

    Derived terms

    * intrinsic motivation * extrinsic motivation


    * (sense) The Advertising Research Handbook Charles E. Young, Ideas in Flight, Seattle, WA, April 2005 ----




    (en noun)
  • A finger-operated lever used to fire a gun.
  • Just pull the trigger .
  • A similar device used to activate any mechanism.
  • An event that initiates others, or incites a response.
  • (psychology) An event, experience or other stimulus that initiates a traumatic memory or action in a person.
  • (electronics) A pulse in an electronic circuit that initiates some component.
  • (computing) An SQL procedure that may be initiated when a record is inserted, updated or deleted; typically used to maintain referential integrity.
  • (online gaming) A text string that, when received by a player, will cause the player to execute a certain command.
  • (archaic) A catch to hold the wheel of a carriage on a declivity.
  • Derived terms

    * trigger-happy * trigger point * trigger warning


    (en verb)
  • to fire a weapon
  • to initiate something
  • to spark a response, especially a negative emotional response, in (someone)
  • This story contains a rape scene and may be triggering for rape victims.

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