Puffling vs Tri - What's the difference?

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As a noun puffling

is a young puffin.

As a numeral tri is


As a preposition tri is





(en noun)
  • A young puffin.
  • *2006 , The Observer , 7 May 2006:
  • *:Visit Iceland this August and you could help to rescue pufflings - baby puffins - who get confused by town street lights and crash into towns when leaving their burrows to fly over the Atlantic for the first time.
  • *2007 , Katherine Zecca, A Puffin's Year :
  • *:Whee-er-er, whee-er-er! the puffling cries because he is hungry. Mama puffin arrives and lays her mouthful of live fish close to the front of the burrow.
  • *2012 , Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Birds: A spiritual field guide , p. 155:
  • *:Both parents feed the infant puffling until it is very fat, then leave the chick, who must make its own way to the sea.
  • tri



  • (chiefly, attributive) triathlon
  • a tri bike
    a tri suit