Trend vs Trendsetter - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between trend and trendsetter

is that trend is an inclination in a particular direction or trend can be (uk|dialect|dated) clean wool while trendsetter is someone who starts a trend, or makes one more popular.

As a verb trend

is to have a particular direction; to run; to stretch; to tend or trend can be to cleanse, as wool.



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Etymology 1

From (etyl) . Akin to (etyl) trinde "ball", (etyl) tryndel "circle, ring". More at (l), (l).


(en noun)
  • An inclination in a particular direction.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=September-October, author= Michael Sivak
  • , magazine=(American Scientist), title= Will AC Put a Chill on the Global Energy Supply? , passage=Nevertheless, it is clear that the global energy demand for air-conditioning will grow substantially as nations become more affluent,
  • A tendency.
  • A fad or fashion style.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2012, date=June 26, author=Genevieve Koski, work=The Onion AV Club
  • , title= Music: Reviews: Justin Bieber: Believe , passage=But musical ancestry aside, the influence to which Bieber is most beholden is the current trends in pop music, which means Believe is loaded up with EDM accouterments, seeking a comfortable middle ground where Bieber’s impressively refined pop-R&B croon can rub up on techno blasts and garish dubstep drops (and occasionally grind on some AutoTune, not necessarily because it needs it, but because a certain amount of robo-voice is expected these days).}}
  • (label) A line drawn on a graph that approximates the trend of a number of disparate points.
  • (nautical) The lower end of the shank of an anchor, being the same distance on the shank from the throat that the arm measures from the throat to the bill.
  • (nautical) The angle made by the line of a vessel's keel and the direction of the anchor cable, when she is swinging at anchor.
  • Verb

  • To have a particular direction; to run; to stretch; to tend
  • The shore of the sea trends to the southwest.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2012 , date=May 31 , author=Tasha Robinson , title=Film: Review: Snow White And The Huntsman citation , page= , passage=Huntsman starts out with a vision of Theron that’s specific, unique, and weighted in character, but it trends throughout toward generic fantasy tropes and black-and-white morality, and climaxes in a thoroughly familiar face-off. }}
  • To cause to turn; to bend.
  • * W. Browne
  • Not far beneath i' the valley as she trends / Her silver stream.
  • (Internet, intransitive, informal) To be the subject of a trend; to be currently popular, relevant or interesting.
  • What topics have been trending on social networks this week?
    Derived terms
    * betrend * trendy

    Etymology 2

    Compare (etyl) .


  • (UK, dialect, dated) clean wool
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To cleanse, as wool.
  • ----




    (en noun)
  • someone who starts a trend, or makes one more popular