Contagious vs Transmission - What's the difference?

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As an adjective contagious

is of a disease, easily transmitted to others.

As a noun transmission is

the act of transmitting, eg data or electric power.



(en adjective)
  • Of a disease, easily transmitted to others.
  • The flu was so contagious that everybody in town got sick!
  • Of a fashion, laughter, etc., easily passed on to others.
  • Wearing jeans was a contagious fad at that time.
  • Of a person, having a disease that can be transmitted to another person by touch.
  • They were highly contagious , spreading bacteria to other people.


    * (of a disease) catching, infectious * infectious


    * non-contagious

    Derived terms

    * contagiousness * contagion




    (en noun)
  • The act of transmitting, e.g. data or electric power.
  • The fact of being transmitted.
  • Something that is transmitted, such as a message, picture or a disease; the sending of such a thing.
  • (biology) The passage of a nerve impulse across synapses.
  • (automotive) An assembly of gears through which power is transmitted from the engine to the driveshaft in a motor car / automobile; a gearbox.
  • (legal) The right possessed by an heir or legatee of transmitting to his successor(s) any inheritance, legacy, right, or privilege, to which he is entitled, even if he should die without enjoying or exercising it.
  • (medicine, biology) The passing of a communicable disease from an infected host individual or group to a conspecific individual or group.
  • Synonyms

    * (l) * (assembly of gears) gearbox

    Derived terms

    * automatic transmission * cryo-transmission * manual transmission * standard transmission * synchronized transmission * transmission line * transmission medium * transmission electron microscope * Transmission Control Protocol