Translation vs Transferring - What's the difference?

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As a noun translation

is translation parallel displacement (motion without deformation or rotation).

As a verb transferring is




Alternative forms

* translatioun (obsolete) * (abbreviations)


  • (label) The act or (label) an act of translating, in its various senses:
  • # The conversion of text from one language to another.
  • # The conversion of something from one form or medium to another.
  • # (label) A motion or compulsion to motion in a straight line without rotation or other deformation.
  • # (label) The process whereby a strand of mRNA directs assembly of amino acids into proteins within a ribosome.
  • # A transfer of motion occurring within a gearbox.
  • # The conveyance of something from one place to another, especially:
  • ## (label) An ascension to Heaven without death.
  • ## (label) A transfer of a bishop from one diocese to another.
  • ## (label) A transfer of a holy relic from one shrine to another.
  • ## (label) A transfer of a disease from one body part to another.
  • (label) The product or end result of an act of translating, in its various senses.
  • Derived terms

    * fan translation * machine translation * translationless * translation studies

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