Traunched vs Tranched - What's the difference?

traunched | tranched |

As a verb traunched

is (traunch).

As an adjective tranched is

(finance) divided]], portioned or partitioned to be divided into [[tranche|tranches.




  • (traunch)

  • traunch



  • One of a series of allotments (of funds for a certain purpose).
  • * 2004 , George W. Bush, speech following tsunami disaster :
  • First of all, we provide immediate cash relief to the tune of about $35 million. And then there will be an assessment of the damage, so that the relief is -- the next traunch of relief will be spent wisely.
  • One set or portion of a series.
  • Verb

  • To divide into parts or portions of a series (especially of allotments of funds).
  • Adjective

  • Divided into portions or parts of a series (especially of allotments of funds).
  • tranched



  • (finance) Divided]], portioned or partitioned. To be divided into [[tranche, tranches.
  • Tranched funding can be an effective means of enforcing performance targets.
    Source: Agriculture Investment Sourcebook
  • * "A credit portfolio can be tranched into a variety of components that can have their credit risk transferred to counter-parties." Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • * "The portfolio was tranched and notes sold to investors in Canada, continental Europe, Ireland and Japan." Royal Bank of Canada
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