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As a verb tracked

is (track).

As a noun tracker is

one who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game.

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  • (track)

  • track



    (en noun)
  • A mark left by something that has passed along; as, the track, or wake, of a ship; the track of a meteor; the track of a sled or a wheel.
  • A mark or impression left by the foot, either of man or beast; trace; vestige; footprint.
  • The entire lower surface of the foot; said of birds, etc.
  • A road; a beaten path.
  • Course; way; as, the track of a comet.
  • A path or course laid out for a race, for exercise, etc.
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=4 , passage=The Celebrity, by arts unknown, induced Mrs. Judge Short and two other ladies to call at Mohair on an afternoon when Mr. Cooke was trying a trotter on the track . The three returned wondering and charmed with Mrs. Cooke; they were sure she had had no hand in the furnishing of that atrocious house.}}
  • (railways) The permanent way; the rails.
  • A tract or area, as of land.
  • * Fuller
  • small tracks of ground
  • (automotive) The distance between two opposite wheels on a same axletree (also track width)
  • (automotive) Short for caterpillar track.
  • (cricket) The pitch.
  • Sound stored on a record.
  • The physical track on a record.
  • (music) A song or other relatively short piece of music, on a record, separated from others by a short silence
  • Circular (never-ending) data storage unit on a side of magnetic or optical disk, divided into sectors.
  • (uncountable, sports) The racing events of track and field; track and field in general.
  • A session talk on a conference.
  • Synonyms

    * (mark left by something that has passed along) trace, trail, wake * (mark or impression left by the foot) footprint * (entire lower surface of the foot) * path, road, way * (course) course, path, trajectory, way * course, racetrack * (the permanent way) rails, railway, train tracks, tracks * (tract or area) area, parcel, region, tract * (distance between two opposite wheels) track width * ground, pitch * (sound stored on a record) recording * (physical track on a record) groove * (circular data storage unit on a side of magnetic or optical disk) * (track and field) athletics, track and field

    Derived terms

    * * album track * beaten track * fast track * half-track * half-tracker * lose track * mid-track * mommy track * off the beaten track * on the right track * on track * one-track mind * railroad track * railway track * reserved track * tenure-track * title track * track and field * trackball * track-mounted * trackpad * track record * track spike * track width * train track * tram track

    See also

    * path * trail


    (en verb)
  • To observe the (measured) state of an object over time
  • To monitor the movement of a person or object.
  • To discover the location of a person or object (usually in the form track down ).
  • To follow the tracks of.
  • My uncle spent all day tracking the deer.
  • To leave in the form of tracks.
  • In winter, my cat tracks mud all over the house.


    * (observe the state of an object over time) monitor * (monitor the movement of a person or object) follow * (discover the location of a person or object) find, locate, trace, track down

    Derived terms

    * track down * tracking shot




    (en noun)
  • One who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game.
  • In the organ, a light strip of wood connecting (in path) a key and a pallet, to communicate motion by pulling.
  • (computing) A type of computer software for composing music by aligning samples on parallel timelines.
  • * 2004 , "dilvie",'' (on newsgroup '' )
  • Trackers have broken out of the demoscene, are are(SIC) now in use by thousands of professional musicians. It's not uncommon to hear about people using trackers on DJ forums, and electronic music production communities
  • * 2008 , Karen Collins, Game sound
  • Although there were a few game companies outside the Amiga scene that used a tracker format (Epic Mega-Games, for instance), the majority used the better-supported MIDI.
  • (computing) A musician who writes music in a tracker.
  • * 1999 , "Adrian Dunn", Re: Using a scanned picture in your demo'' (on newsgroup '' )
  • You can always find musicians. There are more trackers than coders, pixelers, organizers, couriers, and designers combined.
  • (computing) A computer program that monitors something.
  • # (file sharing) Server software that coordinates peers in the BitTorrent protocol.
  • (finance) A tracker mortgage.
  • Derived terms

    * startracker