Tody vs Toby - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between tody and toby

is that tody is any of the genus todus of small insectivorous caribbean birds while toby is the superintendent of a street market.

As a proper noun toby is





(todies) (wikipedia tody)
  • Any of the genus Todus of small insectivorous Caribbean birds.
  • ----




  • A mug, in the shape of a human head with a hat atop.
  • (British, New Zealand) The valve that mediates the connection between a mains water-supply and a premises's own plumbing.
  • The road or highway
  • * 1931 , Eric Blair (the real name of George Orwell), "Hop-picking" in The New Statesman of 17th October 1931.
  • It is no wonder that itinerant agricultural workers travel on the toby and sleep in casual wards between jobs.

    Derived terms

    * toby box